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greg johnson and glass brick boulevard: Bio

Crystalline Thrilled is now available as hard copy CD via snail mail. Email gjohnson@ for link.

For now, all of our prior music is available In hard copy CD's, and mp3 downloads at, itunes, and most digital music sources around the world.

"a kiss well traveled" solo piano from composer greg johnson

In 2008, on the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards, members of the
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
considered 50 recordings for the 5 nominations to ultimately choose

The Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the year

this was one of them!

"Best when lived" (life is) is a musical exploration of a full life in 14 parts

This is the 4th release from Glass Brick Boulevard featuring founding member composer, keyboardist Greg Johnson, reunited with long-time members Bobby Tynes on sax, Rob Fordyce on bass, and Greg "gigi" Gonaway on drums. Rounding out the band is east bay discovery Eric Swinderman on guitar (check out his own work on

Glass Brick Boulevard was a popular Bay Area fixture in the late 90's, temporarily disbanding in 2000 as members went off to pursue other interests. You can find its three previous releases "life as essential experience", "a simple dream", and "a ride up the mountain where miracles live" on Composer greg johnson has an additional release "Character Killer" soundtrack

This reunion recording explores new territory as the band stretches beyond its fusion roots deeper into pop and contemporary classical worlds

Additional string and horn ensembles, percussion and digital ambiance/effects created by composer Greg Johnson. Post production effects created by Ari Rios

Best when lived was produced by Greg Johnson, Ari Rios, and Greg "gigi" Gonaway

greg johnson - instructor

I have been teaching private students in
piano-all levels,
Composition-All styles
Composition-Garage Band
music theory-alternate 12 tone interval based

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Current line-up

greg johnson - composer, piano, keyboards

Founder Greg Johnson grew up in the midwest listening to Gospel, Motown and Beethoven. In the early seventies, bands like Yes, The Who, and Pink Floyd began shaping the road that with the inclusion of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Weather Report and others led to a compositional exploration that eventually began combining all the influences.

Since 1989, Greg's musical journey has included more than 120 compositions, more than a thousand performances before more than 100,000 fans on two continents, many radio, TV and videos performances, more than 500 piano students, a dozen producer's credits of jazz, rock, pop, and folk rock recordings, and the score of a feature film-Character Killer.

Glass Brick Boulevard was created in 1991 (initially named Inner Act), and performed 150 straight Monday Nights at the 4th Street Tavern in San Rafael, CA., then moved throughout the bay area.

rob fordyce - yamaha 6 string bass

Celso Alberti - Drummer

Paul Hanson - Bassoon


bobby tynes - soprano, alto, tenor sax

jimmy sage - drums/percussion

greg "gg" gonaway - dw drums, percussion

glass brick boulevard alumni - sax/oboe

kevin palladini

glass brick boulevard alumni - guitar

ray sayer
ric wilson
george cole

glass brick boulevard alumni - bass/cello

dominic buscemi
steve evans
doug harmon

glass brick boulevard alumni - drums/percussion

andy phreaner
tom donlinger
jimi sage
paul cicco